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A Perfect Wedding, Rain and Shine - A Tom Ham's Lighthouse Wedding

Teresa and Trevor's wedding day could not have been more perfect. That is tough to say on a day that started and ended with a significant amount of rain! You know you are working with a amazing couple when pouring rain has little or no impact on their moods. When I arrived at Tom Ham's Lighthouse to set up for the outdoor wedding it was POURING rain. Everyone was very calm and wanted to wait until the last minute to make a decision to move the ceremony inside. As if Teresa and Trevor's wedding was straight out of a storybook the rain stopped shortly before their wedding and they got married under the sun, on the water, on a perfect San Diego day! Of course, right after their photos were over the rain came right back. At that point the reception had begun and all were inside the room ready to celebrate!

Later on the evening, when the rain stopped again the entire group decided to take the party outside! Such a fun group!!!!

My wife and I cannot recommend Jeremy Hersch enough as a DJ for your wedding, let alone any other party/event you may have. We first met him in person after speaking on the phone to make sure we were a good fit and we hit it off immediately. He is a very genuine, smart, and all around great person. He sent us a document that asked for our song requests for everything (ceremony, reception, recessional, intros, exits, and everything in between including the order). He was always available for us, prompt, punctual, and even asking us if we needed anything throughout the night such as a drink, more food, etc. For everything he provided, the price of his services were tremendous. His music selection was excellent. He played our music and meshed his style with ours perfectly. He has a great voice for a DJ and never disappeared like some DJ's do. He was 110% prepared for anything and everything and had his own pro equipment. Both of our families loved Jeremy (huge deal) and we cannot thank him enough for everything he did to make the day special. We continually received compliments on him throughout the night and our wedding was always going strong. He kept the energy going the ENTIRE time and we all danced and celebrated until they had to kick us out at the end of the night. Never once was there a lull during the night. I could keep writing, but honestly, just do yourself a favor and hire Jeremy for your wedding. Hopefully he's available, because I would book him for any event that needed a DJ. Jeremy, if you read this, thank you again!

Teresa and Trevor, Bride and Groom

Thank you to Jill Shaffer Photography for the pictures!

And they are married! Could not even tell it was pouring 15 minutes before the ceremony began

Amazing photo of the newlyweds!

A fun a carefree bridal party!

It is always fun to get a group picture of everyone at the reception =)

Everyone sang and danced until the very last song of the night

Everyone decided to dance for a few songs outside with a view of the bay!

Glow stick fun was had by all

And they are off. Thank you Teresa and Trevor for having me as your DJ! You had an unforgettable wedding!

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