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Wolf Feather Honey Farm Wedding!

When I first meet with potential clients I always want ensure we are a fit for each other. I am looking for couples who are excited to be married and celebrate with their family and friends first and foremost. Deanna, Shawn and I hit it off the moment we sat down for coffee. Once I had a chance to get to know them and heard about their wedding plans I was excited!

Wolf Feather Honey Farm is an ideal location for a wedding. The forecast for the day was some clouds and chance of some drizzle. However, as the wedding got closer a steady rain began to fair and did not let up. I have been a part of a bunch of outdoor weddings when we got hit with surprise rain. Deanna and Shawn had an amazingly positive attitude and response to the rain. Since the entire recpetion was set to be out doors we quickly came up with a plan to move as much as we could inside. Deanna and Shawn still did thier first dance outside in the rain. It was incredible! I am so grateful I had a chance to meet Deanna and Shawn and be a part of thier wedding. Definitley a wedding I will never forget!

Jeremy was a HUGE part of the success of our wedding. He went out of his way to meet with us before the wedding and asked all the right questions. He sent a packet of paperwork our way about a month in advance that answered all questions he had - and listened to EVERY request, name, song choice etc. Most impressively, we were graced with heavy fog and constant rain during our outdoor wedding - and he just made it work! He successfully mic'd the ceremony despite the elements, and orchestrated the necessary changes to our reception that best accommodated the wedding, the late caterer etc. We cannot say enough about DJ Hersch! THANK YOU for everything!

Deanna and Shawn, Bride and Groom

A huge thank you to Amy Lynn Photography for AMAZING pictures!

The rain only enhanced Deanna and Shaw's beautiful ceremony!

Seeing how positive everyone was about the rain was incredible. These are some of the most amazing pictures I have seen from a wedding.

More stunning pics!

Deanna and Shawn had the choice of doing their first dance inside in a small room or out in the rain...what a moment!


Time to celebrate and PARTY!!!

Dancing in the rain!

Drenched and do not even care!!

Sparklers still work in the rain!

Deanna and Shawn, thank you for having me as your DJ. You had one of the most beautiful and memorable weddings I have been a part of!

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