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A Pants Splitting Good Time – A Big Bear Wedding

I have been a part of a lot of outdoor weddings. There was definitely some special and doing an outdoor wedding in Big Bear in the Fall. Marlee and Sean got married in the back yard of their family home. It was a picturesque venue for their gorgeous wedding. To top off it off, it was unusually warm on the day of the wedding. Everything lined up to create a truly magical day.

After Marlee and Sean exchanged vows in front of their family and friends it was time to start the party! The bridal party dominated the speech’s, a fabulous dinner was served, and both Marlee and Sean had touching dances with their parents. It was now time to put their homemade dance floor to the test ! From the moment the first song came on the dance floor was packed! We were all over the place with the music selection. From Hamilton, to Country to throwback Hip Hop there were songs for everybody. Everyone danced and celebrated the newlyweds! A groomsman even split his pants pulling off the perfect dance moves! Well worth it the small fee he paid for the rental insurance =) Marlee and Sean set off through a glow stick tunnel after a truly memorable wedding and epic reception!

DJ Hersch was one of the BEST parts of my wedding. He was on time and incredibly professional! I was a very anxious bride, very worried about timing and making sure everything flowed well and everyone was happy...DJ Hersch put my mind completely at ease! He was on top of everything, even when two groomsmen threw in a surprise speech, it didn't even phase him. We had so much fun dancing, one of my husband's groomsmen split his pants from dancing too much!! I am recommending him to ALL my friends! - Marlee and Sean, Bride and Groom

Thank you Heather Howard Photography for the amazing pictures!

What a beautiful backdrop for a wedding!

What an epic bridal party!

To the bride and groom!

When the bride dominates the dance floor!

And there go the pants!

Party time!!

Perfect ending to an incredible wedding!

Thank you for having me as your DJ! It was such an honor to be a part of your wedding. Congratulations!

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