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Beautiful Backyard Wedding

From the very moment I sat down with Sophia and Craig to talk about their wedding I knew it was going to be one of the most beautiful, authentic, and fun weddings so far! Everything about the wedding was a perfect reflection of Sophia and Craig's personalities. I don't know if I have ever seen such a more beautiful and sincere smile on a bride's face. Sophia was so beautifully happy the entire night. It was amazing to be a part of so much joy at a wedding! I absolutely loved the vows that Sophia wrote for her wedding. They are too amazing not to share!

I struggled with these words. Because how many times have I said "I love you"? How many times have I said "I'm so lucky"? How many times have I said "My one and only," "My love," "I love you to the moon and back," "My sun and stars," "Home is wherever I'm with you," And STILL It's not enough. Because words could never describe THIS. Words could never reach as far as this goes Because this extends beyond the delicate edges of the universe And into the tiny electrical bursts that I imagine are between atoms, Because how else would they be so drawn together And how else could you feel so "Close to Me" Like The Cure, But I never knew I needed "The Remedy."

And, speaking of music, Does anyone else hear that beautiful harmony when they sit in silence with their love? Because I do. The warm, sitting in the sun feeling of barely humming violin strings and trumpet buttons And every other instrument I wish I could play, But I SWEAR I can when you look at me - With those tree bark brown eyes That you carved our initials into So our love could ascend into the treetops with each passing year and be kissed by the sun. And for those here today that want a more contemporary example, That means that I'm # blessed # mancrushmonday # I'm so glad that you laugh at my hashtag jokes, because I think that they're hilarious and seriously underrated. You are the audience that every actor dreams of. The epilogue that every reader wants The dream that keeps us in bed asking for "5 more minutes" The reminder that the sun IS a star.

You make me feel like The effervescent aurora Gliding and shifting over snow-tipped trees Dancing across a million, tiny fireballs that watch from a million miles away. The invisible lines that connect the constellations never seemed so close. So close that I could pluck them out of the sky and fashion them into... Something. A something as meaningful and wonderful as the 1,239 days that you've given me so far. 1,239 days of laughter, and slumber parties, and lighting fires under each other's butts, and stolen kisses, and facing the terrifying, beautiful creature called life together and not looking back even once.

The first time you kissed me, I had just told you that I had to go home before midnight otherwise I would turn into a pumpkin. And now, I'm here, with you, And I think Cinderella would be jealous at my happy ending That's really a happy beginning of a new chapter. Because I know that when I'm with you, there are no endings. There's a constant, beautiful circle of light - And I'm so excited to explore it with you.

Jeremy is just phenomenal!! I was extremely specific about some of our music selections, as my husband and I are both VERY into music. Jeremy ensured that all of our specific music was played right when we suggested, and never blinked an eye at it! His setup at the wedding was great, and he ensured that the levels were just right for guests to talk over the music, but also that the music could be heard as well.

He was an AMAZING MC of the reception as well!! He worked perfectly with my day of coordinator to ensure that everything from special dances to the bouquet toss happened on time, and he also did a wonderful job at reading the crowd and playing music that would keep everyone dancing!!! Altogether I highly recommend Jeremy for any event, but ESPECIALLY weddings!

- Sophia and Craig, Bride and Groom

Thank you for the photos Michael Lawerence Photography Thank you Blue Tiger Films

Epic highlight video from Sophia and Craig's wedding! Well done Blue Tiger Films!

Mazel tov!

These two...

So much fun!

That smile says it all!

Father Daughter Dance is always a wedding highlight for me


Solid bouquet toss

Party time!!!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kitnick. Your wedding was definitely unforgettable. Thank you for having me as your DJ!

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