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A Wedding for the Ages - Campbell Creek Ranch

When setting up for a wedding I like to get to the venue a few hours before the ceremony. On this particular day, as I was unloading, I could hear the groomsmen singing at the top of their lungs across the property! Sometimes, a wedding has so much energy you just know it is going to one for the ages. When everyone was ready for the ceremony I went over to check in with the bridal party and they said someone needed to go get the bride from the bridal suite and drive her over to the ceremony site. I knew just the guy for the job! A highlight of my DJ career thus far was driving Sarah and her Dad to the ceremony.

Sarah and Tyler had a touching, charming, and perfectly beautiful ceremony. At the conclusion of the ceremony, everyone headed down the hill for the reception. This was the first time in my experience as a DJ that the reception kicked off with the bride and groom's friends getting "iced" with Smirnoff Ice! Everything about the wedding and reception was a result of Tyler and Sarah's beautiful, fun, and kind personalities! After the crowd was "iced" down it was time for dinner. As everyone finished eating the energy level was bursting! It was time to get on the dance floor to celebrate the newlyweds! From the first song to the last, the dance floor was packed. Sarah and Tyler truly had a wedding for the ages!

Thank you Rachel Jane Photography for the pictures!

What a setting for a wedding.

Bridal party!

More bridal party fun!

Love this grand entrance sequence!

Guests getting "iced". Hilarious!

No garter...just another Smirnoff. Tyler got "iced"!

We might have rigged the bouquet toss =)

Dance time!!!

Always a good time when the bride and groom are crowd surfing!

Brides (and Grooms) are always invited to take their turn as the DJ!

What an unbelievable wedding I had the chance to witness and take part in. Being right in the middle of everything with Sarah and Tyler was an experience I will never forger. They are both truly super humans!

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