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A great catch!

Jessica and Joe were clearly meant to be together. They wrote their own vows for the ceremony. Once the reception started everyone was excited to celebrate with the newlyweds! Jessica’s grandfather gave a touching tribute to the new couple. After a great dinner, it was time to dance the night away! I also got to witness one of the best in air bouquet catches yet…there was no stopping the lucky winner from catching this bouquet! These friends and family truly knew how to party! Congratulations to a fabulous couple!

Thanks for keeping the party going!!!

Jessica and Joe, Bride and Groom

Thank you to Kristine Marie Photography for the amazing pictures.

The beautiful couple got a cool tribute from the local fire department!

Jessica and her Grandfather sharing a dance at the reception.

The "catch" heard around the world!

Party time!

Best of luck Jessica and Joe! Thank you for having me as your DJ!


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