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To the Moon and back!

Never has the expression “I love you to the Moon and back” been so true! Alyssa and Eric are perfect for each other. With the Maderas golf course as the venue, I knew it would be an amazing wedding! The ceremony was gorgeous; the sun was setting beautifully behind Eric and Alyssa as they exchanged their personalized vows. Once the reception began the energy of the bridal party and guests was incredible. It was a bit of a challenge holding everyone back from the donut bar…one the best I have ever seen! As soon as the first song began, the dance floor was full for the rest of the night. After nearly 4 hours of dancing and celebrating, it is safe to say this was truly an EPIC wedding!

“I can't even begin to express how AMAZING you made our wedding. The dance floor was full the entire time and we have gotten so many compliments on how great you were. Eric and I both kept talking about how much fun everybody had and what a huge part you played in that. I hope we see you at a wedding in the future, or we'll crash one, just so we can dance it up again!!! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding reception the best ever!”

Alyssa and Eric, Bride and Groom

A special thank you to Jamie Grant Photography for the fantastic pictures!

The sun setting was just incredible!


Check out Alyssa and Eric's wedding video from Blue Tiger Films

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Moon! This group was ready to celebrate the newlyweds.

I love this picture. You can tell these two are meant for each other!

Party time!

One of the best donut bars EVER...and it was about 5ft away from me. The whole room smelled like donuts. It was marvelous!

The ring bearers took over the dance floor!

Perfectly captured bouquet toss!

That look is from Alyssa is priceless! Eric was very well behaved.

This group loved to dance!

Congratulations Alyssa and Eric. Your wedding was so much fun. It was a pleasure being your DJ!

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