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WOW! Sometimes a wedding ends and I need a second to catch my breath and reflect for a few minutes on what just happened. Sometimes weddings are so EPIC is hard to believe what just transpired. That was Bryttani and Matt's wedding at the Del Mar Brigantine. The energy level was off the charts from the cocktail hour all the way through the last song. The grand entrance was full of sweet moves and awesomeness. The bride's sisters wrote a fun song for the newlyweds and performed it perfectly. The open photo booth was great as everyone could see hilarious props and posses. Once dinner was served, the party went to the next level on the dance floor! This was a wedding I wish could have lasted all night! Bryttani and Matt excited through sparklers and well wishes from their family and friends. WHAT. AN. AMAZING. WEDDING.

Jeremy did an absolutely AMAZING JOB!! He helped my sisters surprise me with a serenade on the day of the wedding and kept everyone on the dance floor all night!! His cocktail hour music was perfect! He was always very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process!! Our whole family has used Jeremy and he has never disappointed!!! Best DJ ever!!!!! He totally rocked it!!!Thanks for helping our wedding day be so special!!

-Bryttani and Matt, Bride and Groom

Thank you Andy King Photography for the pictures- You are truly an awesome photographer!!

Bryttani had a beautiful dress!

The grand entrance was fantastic!

Mr and Mrs. Neault!

Photobooth silliness is always welcome.

Bryttani's sister's dominated the toast!

The garter came with a doughnut!

Nailed it!

Going airborne for the bouquet.

Let the dancing begin!!

Even the Brigantine staff jumped in!

Fun behind the scene shots. Me and my WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, RAD assistant Sarah!

Sparklers are ready!

Grand entrance prep Complete.

And they are off!

Congratulations Brytanni and Matt! Your wedding was a BLAST! I am grateful I had a chance to be a part of your wedding!

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