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A Sparkling Fallbrook Wedding!

Zac and Heather could not have chosen a more perfect day for their outdoor wedding! The ceremony was beautifully set between the trees as Zac and Heather exchanged vows. The reception kicked off with a touching tribute from the father of the bride and some epic stories about the groom from his brother! Once dinner was over it was time to celebrate the newlyweds with some sweet dance moves as Zac and Heather were joined by their family and friends on the dance floor. After “Sugar We’re Going Down” it was time for their sparkler exit. The guests lined the path with sparklers and Zac and Heather were off to begin the next chapter of their lives together!

DJ Hersch was the perfect choice to DJ our wedding! We had a great experience with him and would highly recommend him to anyone else. The first thing I really appreciated about DJ Hersch: the price he quoted at his initial quote was the EXACT price we ended up paying. No add-ons, no hidden fees, just exactly what he thought the job was worth. He even brought in some extra stuff once he saw the venue and told us not to worry about it! He's a very accommodating person. Once the event started, DJ Hersch was committed to making sure everything ran smoothly. He showed up early to make sure everything was set and then spent the extra time making sure the needs of my wife and I were met. He coordinated with the site coordinator, the officiant and the photographer to make sure everything went smoothly. He then made sure my wife and I kept to our schedule (which DJ Hersch helped create) while still playing the music we requested. He even bussed our tables once we were done eating to make sure they weren't in the photographer's shot! As the night went on, DJ Hersch walked the delicate balance of making sure everyone had fun while still keeping the wedding reception moving and on schedule. He also did a great job of injecting humor and fun into the event while still making sure all the focus was spent on my wife (and a little bit on me, too). At the end of the night, my wife and I planned on doing a sparkler send-off. It went off amazingly, mostly because DJ Hersch took over the planning of that and made sure everything with the guests, photographer and ourselves was planned perfectly. We didn't have to ask him to do this; he just did it. If you are looking for an experienced, organized and accommodating professional to DJ your wedding, I can not recommend DJ Hersch enough. He made our wedding even more special than it already was and we'll always be grateful to him!

Heather and Zac, Bride and Groom

A marvelous day for an outdoor wedding!

The picture frame favors were a hit!

It is always fun to have a social media hashtag at weddings.

One of my favorite parts of a wedding, the father daughter dance.

Packed dance floor all night!

Sugar we're going down!

A truly sparkling exit! Congratulations Zac and Heather! Thank you for having me as your DJ.

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