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Born to (Morgan) Run!

Michael and his family had a passion for Bruce Springsteen that was awesome! From the beginning of the reception at Morgan Run until the last song (Born to Run), the energy of this group was incredible! Family and friends hit the dance floor on the first song and stayed to the end of the reception. Danielle and Michael were meant to be together. The positivity and love for this couple was amazing to to witness. Everybody was so excited to see Danielle and Michael begin their life together. This group could have danced all night long!

Thank you to Andy King Photography for the pictures!

Thank you Cochran Films for sharing a great video!

Such a fun bridal party!!!

A fantastic toast from the matron of honor!

Touching words from the father of the bride.

One of my favorite cake pictures. This captures so much of their awesome personalities!

This grouped rocked!!!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kelly! Your wedding was epic. Thank you for having me as your DJ!

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