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Finding the Perfect Note – A Musically Inspired Wedding!

Michael and Holly's love for music was the inspiration for their wedding and reception at Maderas Golf Club. They even named the tables after their favorite bands. The wedding was not only a love story, but also the musical journey of Holly and Michael. I had the chance to play songs dedicated to each table during dinner, and throughout the reception. It was creative and inspiring! Then there was Michael and Holly’s 2 year old son...he did not forget his dance moves! He rocked the dance floor to his favorite song, Staying Alive!

Great job Jeremy for our wedding! We thought you were FANTASTIC!

Holly and Michael, Bride and Groom

Thank you Kristine Marie Photography for the fantastic images!

A beautiful picture of the newlyweds!

A wonderful toast and tribute to the bride and groom

First dance as husband and wife.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding reception is the cake cutting. You never know how it will go down. Michael and Holly were awesome!

Staying Alive! Sweet moves were on display on the dance floor!

Congratulations Holly and Michael. Thank you for having me as your DJ!

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