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I Completed my 3rd a DJ!

As someone who is not a runner I have a world of respect for anyone who can complete a half or full marathon. Providing a sound track for the run is always an awesome experience. The runners are so kind and grateful for the sweet jams as they run! This year at the Carlsbad 1/2 and full Marathon was no different. Runners were dancing and singing as they passed by me on mile 2 and 11. I was near a water station with about 50 volunteers helping keep the runners hydrated. Volunteers had signs to encourage runners and danced for 4 straight hours. The runners were very appreciative for all of the positivity as they ran. I had a fantastic day and look forward to completing my 4th Carlsbad Marathon in 2018!

I was about 5ft from the course. What a cool experience!

On the corner of Laguna and State in the Carlsbad Village. I always like being on a turn as I get to interact with the runners.

The volunteers had hilarious signs to support all of the runners!

Shout out to the leaders of the dance crew!

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