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Welcome to the DJ Hersch blog!

After nearly 4 years of serving as a DJ for amazing events I am finally starting to blog them. I am excited to share some of my events with you. What kind of events and people do I have the pleasure of working with? Great question! My usual clients are people who are looking to have the perfect event. I am blessed to have been a part of a wide variety of different events (birthdays, weddings, corporate events, 5ks, marathons, and more). I try and find people who are looking to take their event to the next level and deliver an incredible experience to their guests. It is humbling when a bride and groom allow me to be a play a part in their wedding. I also enjoy working with corporate clients. Working with businesses to celebrate milestones, grand openings or holiday parties is always awesome. Finally, I LOVE working with young people. From elementary school events, birthday parties, and High School graduation parties, the energy from kids is infectious!

My focus is on preparation and planning. I feel it is vital to meet with clients before their event to get an understanding of the ENTIRE event, not just the entertainment. The more I know about the clients personally, the better prepared I will be to make sure the event is perfect!

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