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One more song!

The moment the guests arrived at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club the energy level was off the charts! The cocktail hour kicked off with lawn games and custom cocktails. From corn-hole to a massive Jenga game, everyone was warming up for the reception! After a series of beautiful toasts, Kelly and Jason took to the dance floor for their surprise first dance. The hours of rehearsal paid off as they rocked their dance routine! The guests celebrated with Kelly and Jason on the dance floor all the way until the last song. Once the lights came on, everyone just keep on dancing. They could have danced all night was awesome!!!

Thank you so much Jeremy!! We just got back from Costa Rica last night! So fun reminiscing on everything! We had a blast!!

Kelly and Jason, Bride and Groom

The custom corn-hole was a hit!

Succulents as favors!

The wedding cake was beautiful. They used a stump from a tree as a cake stand engraved with the date and their initials. It was beautiful!

Kelly and Jason's surprise first dance was a hit!

The dance floor is open!

The bride is always welcome to DJ!!

Congratulations Kelly and Jason. Thank you for having me as your DJ!

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