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Beach Wedding!

There is not a day that goes by where I do not feel fortunate to live in San Diego. Being a DJ in San Diego is truly awesome! I have had the chance to DJ all over the county: from the mountains where it is freeing cold to being able to watch the waves break. When Becca and Brett told me their wedding was going at Breakers Beach on North Island I was fired up! It is a picturesque setting for a wedding. Since the beach is only open to people who have access to the base, there are not many people even on a perfect summer day! Becca and Brett took full advantage of the surroundings as their family friends celebrated with them on the beach. Of course, Becca and Brett brought it to the dance floor!!! I loved everything about this wedding. It had the perfect mix of intimate romantic moments combined with an epic dance party. I am beyond grateful I had a chance to celebrate with Becca and Brett!

BEST DJ EVER! DJ Hersch was amazing. Not only did he keep everything running smoothly, he also was the reason why my guests had such an awesome time on the dance floor. Almost EVERY ONE was out on the dance floor the entire reception and we received tons of compliments about how fun our wedding was! If you are looking for a DJ who listens and greatly values your requests, keeps things organized but is extremely flexible, and knows how to keep people out on the dance floor, DJ Hersch is your man. We are so appreciative for DJ Hersch and cannot express how thankful we are for how wonderful he was. We gave him 5 stars because he truly deserves it. We HIGHLY recommend him.

Becca and Brett, Bride and Groom

Thank you Megan (SHORT-OGRAPHY) for the AMAZING pictures!

Energy level was off the charts before the wedding! What a fun group!!!

So good!


What an awesome bridal party!

And they are married! Let the celebration begin...or just continue =)

Grand entrance!!!

On point!

So much awesomeness!

Love these two!!!!!!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Stone

Dance time!

Sweet moves all around!

Everybody's hands go up!

On special occasions I sneak out to the dance floor =)

Grand Exit!

Thank you for having me as your DJ. It was such an honor and pleasure to be a part of your wedding. All the best to you both!

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